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Sassafras, of Wolvenfang, Goldenvale



Sassafras started playing in Wolvenfang years ago, and has taken several breaks from the game but keeps coming back. While attending school in southern Ontario, she was working with Tarantio Dace on starting a new shire in their town, but that flopped and she is mostly a part-time Amtgarder, though she has recently begun showing up at Twilight Peak.

Facts about Sassafrass

  • Sassafrass discovered Cannanananda
  • Sassafrass saved the children (but not the British children)
  • Sassafrass is actually 7 ft tall, it's all an illusion that she's short.
  • Sassafrass and Eris are the same person.
  • Sassafrass will step on your Carebears
  • Sassafrass can get Glyn drunk by association faster than she gets drunk herself
  • Sassafrass ate the first ever cupcakes, baked by Tesstiment... but it was the only batch and Tesstiment couldn't remember how to make them anymore. Cupcakes weren't rediscovered for another 400 years, when Tesstiment remembered the recipe, thus ending The Great Cupcake Forgettal.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Non-noble title of "Bannerwoman of the North" - Awarded by Prince Ausric for winning the Northern Empire Pride Competition during Dragonmaster July 2011

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