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Seldszar Kilsek
Home Park Tear Glen
Kingdom Emerald Hills
Year Started 1992
Noble Title None
Belt Status N/A

Seldszar Kilsek, last citizen of Tear Glen, Emerald Hills

”Seldszar. We have determined that you are cool, but you have not yet melded with the egg.” - Sir Dog, Spring War IV



Seldszar began playing Amtgard out of an unnamed, short lived Shire in Coppell, TX in 1992 (later this Shire was revived and known as Shadow Haven) and later at Demon's Gorge in Irving, TX. After relocating to Denton, TX in 1993 he was quickly recruited into the Green Dragons fighting company and began playing regularly at Eagleshire. After a fundamental difference of principles, Seldszar left (amicably) the Green Dragons fighting company at the Gathering of the Clans in 1996. He fought on his own for the next 7 months, until accepted as a Semen with the Nighthawks fighting company at Spring War IV. While choosing to walk his own path and not accepting a Knight's tutelage as a Squire, Seldszar owes much of his present-day prowess to Sir Corbin, a mentor and long-time sparring partner in the early to mid-nineties; as well as being owned repeatedly (and learning from it) by the elite of the Emerald Hills Kingdom.

During his time as a Semen and after earning his "bird", Seldszar frequently fought at Tear Glen in Richardson, TX. Feeling at home and at the same time challenged in terms of skill level, he claimed the park as his home, and has claimed no other since (living two blocks from the park at the time didn't seem to hurt this decision, either). To this day, he still signs in at parks citing Tear Glen as his home park. A stick-jock to the core(pun intended), Seldszar is known for his love of trench-battles as well as his disdain for Battlegames.

During 2008 & 2009, Seldszar ditched frequently at Calinorn, a HFS park, while living in Addison, TX.

Presently, Seldszar Kilsek still fights for the Nighthawks, having come out of semi-retirement effective April 24th, 2011.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family


Notable Accomplishments

  • Holds one of, if not the, record for shortest time as a Semen, clocking in at 4 months.
  • Once defeated Sir Dog Fei Hong in a duel using his off hand as a diversionary tactic via puppetry.
  • Nighthawks Jugging Team Heavy - Draw for 1st place. Rakis 2011

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