Blue Sky Citadel

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A shire of Wetlands, located in Beaumont/Lumberton, TX



Greetings all! Welcome to Blue Sky Citadel- The home to some of the strangest yet fun people in the world of Amtgard!

Blue Sky Citadel was founded on the fundamentals of Amtgard as a whole. The practice of having FUN takes precedence over politics, skill, and all other things that come along with a park. We are founded by some old players that needed a fun place to play within a reasonable distance, and a group of newcomers that enjoy the arts and activity that Amtgard brings to all.

Seltsam held an althing at the start of December, 2015, to "absorb Inferno Pass' contact and players. Agreed to join the Kingdom of the Wetlands. Lastly we've change our parks name from Seltsam to Blue Sky Citadel."



Contacts and Directions

We are currently meeting on Wednesday nights at the Lumberton High School parking lot between 8PM and 10Pm

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and Saturdays around 11:30 am to noon at Roger park in Beaumont.

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