Seven Rivers Forge

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A Barony in the [Kingdom]] of Tal Dagore located in Rolla, Missouri




Nestled between what was once Western Gate and the Knoblands is a land of many rivers. The ground

here is rocky but fertile with many great forests and numerous waterways that make for great locations

for mills, foundries, and forges. Here is where the dedicated people of Seven Rivers Forge call home.

They fight to defend this valuable ground against encroaching armies and the many monsters of the


Founded in July 2015 by a former member of Stonewood Dale



Contacts and Directions

We are located in Rolla Missouri, right between St. Louis and Springfield Missouri. We meet Sundays at

2pm at Ber Juan Park near The Centre, on a hill just south of the tennis courts. We can be contacted at

7.rivers.forge at gmail dot com. The current acting Sheriff and veteran Amtgarder is William Wright (Thalen of

Stonewood Dale).