Seven Waters

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A defunct Shire under the Empire of the Iron Mountains, located in Colorado Springs, CO.




Seven Waters formed in the Winter of 2001 when Omar and Hanera quit playing at Darkmoon due to differences with several members and the desire to start over with a new group. Attracted a few new members through the cold months, mostly others who had quit playing at Darkmoon in the past, and established their group in the south of Colorado Springs.

The freehold grew through 2002, gaining members from a Dagorhir group in the Broadmoor area that decided to join with the new Amtgard group. The group had a good showing at Rakis that year, which combined with efforts to work with Darkmoon to encourage Amtgard in Colorado Springs, prompted Emperor Belgarion to admit Severn Waters into the Iron Mountains as a Shire at that event.

The following fall and winter saw continued growth, with the addition of more members such as Discovious, Syko, and Warcylde. Through the winter Seven Waters members tried to travel throughout the Empire to maintain relations and to do away with the isolationist myth that seemed to cling to southern groups.

Severn Waters continued to grow through the spring and summer, almost reaching Barony numbers until an internal conflict between several members caused several to leave the group (many left the game entirely). The Shire continued on through the fall of 2003, but seems to have broken up in early 2004.




Severn Waters 2002: (From Left) Indarajaya, Thalon, Tatonka, Omar, newbie (unknown), Ganfrey