Shadow Bell-Darkjesters

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Shadow Bell-Darkjesters

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The Pacific Northwest Splinter of House Darkjester formed after the 2006 split. Based in the Duchy of Shrouding Mist in the Kingdom of Northern Lights. The Shadow Bell-Darkjesters are devoted to service to the kingdom.

Affiliated Groups

House Darkjester


Morgun Bloodblade - House Lord
Kitheria - House Lady
Sir Grei Lar - House Elder
Gabrial Soulstealer - House Champion
Ghostbear - House Shadow Master
Lady Kaylin Underhell - Member
Jack Darkmoon - Member
Aurora - Member
Kat - Member
Penny Penguin - Member
Kenny Orion of VO - Member
Caernwolf - Member
Aristiri - Member
Rosewin - Member
Kanphuzian Duskwalker - Member
Albel - Member
Wench - Member
Agriok Bloodmoon - Pet
Cantor - Pet
Kirkis - Pet
Akumitatsu - Pet
Sho - Member
Durnik Aldursvale-Darkjester - Member
Hawk - Member
Dakaren - Member
Merlot - Member
Kimjim - Member
Chowder - Member
Klepto - Member
Kaz - Member
Vaye - Member
Envy - Member

Notable Accomplishments

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