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Shadowvale, Shire

A defunct Shire of The Burning Lands, located in Alamogordo, New Mexico.




Shadowvale was formed, according to all records, March 27, 1993. Founding members included Snicker Furfoot, Ninjester, Tamisan, Drake and several others. Great help was provided by Ironpaw and his family. In June of that year, a contingent of Burning Landers (including Sir Trinity), visited the new Shire. The chapter was formally announced in the Burning Lands on July 03, 1993, and in August, Shadowvale was granted its Baronial status with the Burning Lands. Shadowvale switched allegiance to Dragonspine, then later, back to the Burning Lands. Size fluctuations continued throughout the life of the chapter (between 5 to 35 active members), until its demise in February 2003, when it was forced to merge with local splinter group Dark Cloud, to become Dark Hold.


Contacts and Directions

Shadowvale played Amtgard on Sunday afternoons, from approximately 12pm until 5pm, at Alameda Park. The park was located between the toy train depot and the Chamber of Commerce Building. Shadowvale also had its warrior/fighter practice Wednesday evenings at Washington Park starting at around 5pm and ending around 8pm.


No ORK records exist