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Baron Shadus Al'Shattersong, of King's Crossing Tal Dagore


Shadus has founded many groups in Amtgard, Dagorhir, and Belegarth and from time to time assisted in the creation of more than a few other chapters primarily by recruiting, marketing and training new leaders and members, pushing them to build groups in their areas and providing gear and supplies necessary and helpful for those tasks.


It was a warm, dark, and sultry summer night nigh on 20 years ago. There was a cape, a thong, an anatomically correct inflatable sheep doll, and a mud wrestling pit. All the ingredients necessary for the creation of a new super hero. It was on that night that Thong Man was born - an event seared into the eyes and minds of many. No one knows where he got his powers, or why, or really what they are... exactly. But crime fighting has not been the same since that fateful evening.


Sol Invictus (Company)

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Belted Family

Sir Shadus was annointed a Knight of the Kingdom of the Crimson Dawn by Sir Dagmar in Dagorhir in 2001. In the 1970s, Sir Dagmar was one of the founding members of Dagorhir and one of the first female fighters/members. Unlike Amtgard, Dagorhir knighthood training is primarily up to the knight you squire under. It is a very hands on, though inconsistent, process. Sir Dagmar was an exceptionally difficult taskmaster in particular. You had to obtain moderate to expert proficiency in all arts (all fighting/weapon styles, weapon/armor/gear construction, leadership, etc.). Sir Dagmar's primary focus was on leadership - both on and off the field. The training, experience, and service required was most akin to Crown or Flame Knight requirements in Amtgard.