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Sir shady of The Golden City

”May we get what we deserve.”



Affiliated Groups

Team Shady

Belted Family

For the unabridged Beltline please see this page.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of the Flame December 13th, 2014, by the Wetlands Circle of Knights. The warhammer was dropped by Sir Megiddo following the new Wetlands Monarch (Queen Limbo) stepping up.
  • 3 Time Champion of the Wetlands, Reign XVII, XXIX, and XXX
  • Prime Minister of the Wetlands, Reign XXXV/XXXVI
  • Regent of the Wetlands, Reign XXXVII
  • Master Rose
  • Master Peasant
  • Wetlands Kingdom Rules Representative 2011-2013
  • Wetlands CoM representative 2014
  • A big deal

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More Information

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