Shardrine Longstride

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Page Shardrine Longstride, of the Port of Winters Night, Rising Winds

" My loyalty belongs to the highest bidder. Today, that's you "


Shardrine began his AMTGARD career is February of 2019. After months of on and off contact with a member of the Port of Winters Night, he finally attended a park day. Since that time he has committed himself to learning as much as he can, providing laughs and entertainment, and to mastering both bardic performance, as well as armed combat.


Shardrine Longstride is at his simplest, a sell sword. Although he is loyal to his friends and comrades in arms, he can be swayed to any cause for the right price. Is he worth it? Most likely not, however he himself never said he was worth the exorbitant price either. He firmly believes that if your ever in a fair fight, you aren't doing it right.

Affiliated Groups

22nd Legion

Belted Family

Page to Ser Manama Proster

Notable Accomplishments

Single handedly attacked a massive dust devil of leaves that threatened The Port of Winters Night, armed with only a stick

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