Shifting Tides

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A Duchy of Neverwinter, located in Miami, FL.




Replaced Sunstone in Miami, when it was headed by Mortis. After a rocky re-start, Crying Heavens was born and the Shire flourished. Great Role-play took place and many battles were fought until Mortis took a leave of absence and attendance died down. During his leave, Andronious took his place and held the Shire together long enough for it to become self dependent. Cysero succeeded Andronious as Sheriff and brought an age of prosperity and members leading us to become a Barony. Afterwards The Druid Red took over and things remained stable. Bromlin became Baron and things took a turn for the worse, with newer members being turned away by unsporting wizards and arguments over rulings. Raziel then became the leader with attendance still low. Now Shifting Tides, Wulfric is Baron and the barony is flourishing. It has grown so much the Barony upgraded to a Duchy.

The shire had previously three fighting companies: The Endbringer Pirates, The Horde, and Tear of Blood, all of which seem to have dispersed. The Barony's current companies/houses are The Wayward Wenches, the Defenders of Hope, and The Brotherhood of the Wolf.

Crying Heavens was known throughout Neverwinter for its extraordinary role play, on and off the field.

In 2014, Crying Heavens voted to reform and renamed itself Shifting Tides.



Active as of 3/31/2022

Special Recognition

Congratulations to those who have attained masterhood in their ranks

  • Ringo: Master Warrior
  • Knox: Master Bard
  • Javaltor: Master Archer
  • Red: Master Druid
  • Azurea: Master Healer
  • Raevynn: Master Wizard



Residents of the Barony

Fighting Companies/Households

Role Playing Pages

Shifting Tides Discord

Contacts and Directions

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We meet at Kendall Indian Hammocks Park[1]

11395 SW 79th Street, Miami, FL.

It is located on Sunset (SW 72nd street) next to the 826 highway, roughly around 107th Avenue.

Weekly Park Meeting: Sundays from 12:00 - 6:00pm.

Weekly Fighter's Practice: Tuesdays 7:00-9:30pm @ Tropical Park[2]

Crafting Workshop: TBA once a month.

Magic-User's Training: During park meetings.


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