Sibéal Petra

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Woman-At-Arms Lady Sibéal Petra Ní Déithe of Felfrost, Nine Blades

Petra at her first tournament


After years of scattered appearances at local field days, changes in Petra's personal life allowed her to make a true debut as an active community member during the global pandemic. Ever since, she has been a regular presence at field, at events, and in office.

Character Backstories

Sibéal Petra Ní Déithe
A human scribe who remembers all of her past lives. She struggles to find a balance between the impulses of a once-brash orphan who still yearns for a better world, and the recently gained wisdom of numerous past lives. Her chosen name is a mix of the names from her first and current lives.

An ever-curious water nymph always looking for a new story. She is drawn to bards and adventurers.

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