Silver Moon

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Silver Moon, Duchy

A Duchy Under The Kingdom of Blackspire, located in Salem, OR




Founded by Sir Gideon, Sir Jupiter, and two others in 1993, Silver Moon was at one point a part of Rising Moon


Current Officers

Past Officers

Past officers including but not limited to: Torg the Indomitable, Toraka Stormheart, Minerva the Mousy, Garuk,Cappie, Sir Gideon Oathbreaker, Lady Ilandria, Claude Olfatman, Lady Malia, Crono, Lady Lathena, Lord Duncan Grey, Otis, Sir Gwaine, Sir Jupiter, Sir Nicademus, Yazzor, Dayzar, Lord Denko, Gajet, Kalzar Soulless, Rusty Shackleford, Torg the Indomitable, Osonious the Grizzled, Kai Soulfull.

Contacts and Directions

Silvermoon meets at 12:00 PM on Saturdays at Cascade Gateway Park

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