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Silvertip, of the Wetlands

”I'll bring the beer!”



CopyofSilvertip.jpg Silvertip was the first and to date only native Ironwooder to become a knight, and is also apparantly the only knight ever to have his belt removed without having broken any game or mundane rules or laws. Somtimes the best way to judge a person is by his enemies, if they are devious and decietful, then perhaps he is honest and upfront? At the current time Tip can be found on a ditchfield in texas as its more fun playing amtgard than talking about it.

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Member 42 JLFM.

Belted Family

Sir Redhawk Longwing was squired to Sir Crom, who was squired to Sir Morgan Ironwolf, who was squired to Sir Fnord, who was squired to Sir Michael Hammer of God



Squire Hobbabobbit,Squire Apophis Warchild,Squire Hafgar

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Pages, Etc

Page Aeden, WaA Squishy , MAA Erin Forsaken,

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-- 13:59, 5 April 2011 (EDT)===Notable Accomplishments===

  • Monarch of the Wetlands Reign XXIV
  • Master Rose November 2007
  • Multiple Reigns as Baron,Champion and Senechal of Ironwood
  • Created a knight of the flame in August 2009 by El Presidente Kane
  • Removed as a knight of the Wetlands by the Circle of Knights Feb. 2011

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