Siobhan Uaine-Dragon

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Dame Siobhan Uaine-Dragon, of Crystal Groves

”Art is never finished, merely abandoned - Leonardo da Vinci”



Siobhan started Amtgard in July, 1999 at the midreign event for Silverwater, in Palm Beach, Florida, which was then part of Burning Lands. It then became part of the kingdom of Neverwinter when it formed. She moved to Gainesville, Florida in 2002 and became part of Darkwater East. DWE later broke away from the kingdom of Neverwinter and became a freehold again, renamed Kestrel Keep. She married Sir Toda in 2001. She loves traveling, photography, digital painting and beadwork.

In 2010, she moved to West Virginia to be part of the kingdom of Crystal Groves. In 2014, she moved to Pennsylvania, still in the kingdom of Crystal Groves.

Affiliated Groups

Formerly of Blackstar

Currently part of the Stags (Crystal Groves)

Belted Family

Former Squire: Sir Marcus Bjornson (passed squireship to Sir Toda)

Squire Katae of Ruby Hills

Squire Crystalyn Sapphyre of Crystal Groves

Squire Emaleth of Crystal Groves

Notable Accomplishments

Serpent Knighted by King Zam at Feast of Fools, April 2011, Crystal Groves.

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