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Squire Sirrakhis Larethian of The Emerald Hills

"I will eat you.”



Sirrakhis has been involved with Amtgard and the Emerald Hills since late 1989. He started with his brother Cedric of Sable Pride and Sir Gavvin Quinn getting regular turn-outs for Ironcloud in his back yard. He is very pro-community and feels the organization should be very involved in the communities it hold its games in. He and Blaise hold an annual Habitat for Humanity event for Amtgardians in December where Amtgard helps build a home. He loves heavy fighting, and is formerly a duel-wielder in the SCA (doesn't use a shield). ***Currently on hiatus from the game***

Affiliated Groups

  • Sirrakhis was formerly a member of the Green Dragons since summer of '93.

Belted Family

Proudly Squired to Sir Auromax Silverhawke.

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