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Slash Stratus Artemis Wolfstar of Eternal Wolf, Dragonspine

”I am Slash, The Darklord Master!”



  • Slash Stratus Wolfstar Started Amtgard in 2002 in Penumbral Zenith, the younger brother of Hang Lang. Where he was called Stratus Artemis Wolfstar, he earned the nick name "Slash" because of his fencing style of fighting, no stab, all slash. He adopted the name and it stuck with him that day forward. Slash went to establish the House of the Crying Wolf, a neutral arbitrary house, to help fight for wrong doings. He help a fighter named Me to be allowed back into the shire after he made a call against the Sheriff Protem Elric Von Aukovie at the time. Which lead to the Massacre of the Penumbral Zenith, with Western Dragon Hills and the Shire of The Desert Rose. They came to invade to put right what was made wrong.+
  • The massacre of the Penumbral Zenith was a Pettiful thing when everyone came from WDH and DR, the shire of the Penumbral Zenith called it quits, and went home for the weekend. Slash Stayed and watched WDH and DR march in. He and his student Gemini, was challenged to an honor duel. Gemini lost to Nemesis McKrotch the Champion of WDH. And Nemesis simo'd with Slash. And the fight between Slash and Yammish McKotch was 3-5 in favor of Yammish, Sheriff of WDH.
  • Slash took ownership of Fighting Company Eternal in late 2004, Where he was a LT. He is not the founder but he is the owner and proprietor of Fighting Company Eternal.
  • Slash Founded the Shire of the Eternal Wolf in the summer of the 2005, on the basis of his house and his fighting company. The shire died out because of everyone moving away.
  • In Early 2011 slash tried to get the old group of Desert moon back up and going but found out that he would have a lot of confrontation from the former monarchs of the park so he restarted and relocated Eternal Wolf from Smith Valley, NV to Reno, NV

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