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Squire Baron Spire Grimblade, Esquire of the Valley of the Twin Rivers of the Kingdom of the Rising Winds

” Science! ”

” We killed so much nature today that I'm pretty sure Spire is qualified for a Paragon Anti-Druid. ” -Amdair Lassider

A truly great example of what a Knight should aspire to! - Sir Poobah



Spire started playing Amtgard late 1997 at Griffin's Ridge in Dayton OH. One day Brock and Habu came to the park and asked us to join them in becoming a kingdom. We were the 6thish park to join under the Duchy of the Rising winds. During the raid on Griffin's ridge Spire was turned into a vampire by vampire lord Euronymous.

Also one of the founding members of Valley of Forgotten Giants. Now plays at Valley of the Twin Rivers.

Was Approached by Onyx to Join the Windmoorian Guard. Was apart of The Temple of Vanguard. Now a free agent.

Affiliated Groups

  • RW - DPFL (Household)
  • Windmoorian Guard (Household)

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