Spring War 2007

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Spring War 14, War of the Gods

Main Battle Game

This Spring War's battle gaming borrowed heavily from the RP conflict between the Wetlands and the Celestial Kingdom. Three factions were formed and led by Czar Slyddur, Queen Linden and Sir Father Thomas. All of the major battle games were scenerio games that led into one another. The first scenerio was a caravan battle won by Sir Father Thomas over Queen Linden's champion Tatsumaki. The second was a field battle won by Czar Slyddur against Sir Father Thomas' army. The third battle was a castle battle won again by Czar Slyddur against Queen Linden. The final battle culminated in a three general battle won by Sir Bromhir in champion of Sir Father Thomas.

Those Responaceable

Autocrated By Sponge and Thun

List of other Crats


Over 520 paid.

Battlegames and other happenings


At Spring War 14 Don Diego received his second belt in the Order of the Crown.