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Darth Squinty Footlong of Radiant Valley, Winter's Edge, Neverwinter

”Squishy? Sticky? Squinty!”


Squinty first became a player soon after the creation of the Shire of Radiant Valley. He took a few years off after the park's numbers dwindled to almost nothing. After the rebuilding of the park by Darth Bunch, he came back and has been a loyal member ever since. In recent times, he has taken an active role in the principality with the aspiration of turning Winter's Edge into a real kingdom.

Also, Squinty is a gypsy. Because of this, his eyesight is pretty terrible, especially at night. Do not let him reeve... anything.

Affiliated Groups


Formerly Paged to Count Subway. Squinty has not dropped the family name, however.

Notable Accomplishments

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More Information

  • Few can claim the honor of having seen Squinty without a hat or bandanna on his head.
  • Squinty hates the sun. The aperture of his eyes has nothing to do with vision clarity.