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Amtgard Chapter
Outpost of Stormwall
Kingdom Wetlands.gif The Kingdom of The Wetlands
Status Shire
City Hitchcock, Texas
Park Jack Brooks Park
Meets on Saturday
Founded 1993
Active Active

The Shire of Stormwall

A Shire of the Kingdom of the Wetlands, located in Hitchcock, TX


The Barony of Stormwall is a great park with lots of facilities, terrain and eager-to-battle players of all skill levels.

Galveston County was the home of the Duchy of Stormwall since 1993. Stormwall started out in Luke's backyard on Galveston Island in early October of that year, and met a few times at there before migrating to Bolivar Point and Fort Travis Park, commonly accepted at the greatest Amt-park in the history of Amtgard. Stormwall relocated to Jack Brooks Park on the mainland in mid-1995, owing to a drop in attendance during the summer months (sometimes taking over two hours to ride the ferry to/from Bolivar).

Stormwall had been a constant in the Wetlands since the first days of Kingdom status. It was continually one of the highest populated parks in the kingdom and was once a Grand Duchy with numbers in excess of 80 every Sunday for years.

It also should be noted that Stormwall was the ONLY Amtgard Park to come out of Galveston County in almost fifteen years. While the Greater Houston Area sees continual states of flux and change, Stormwall remained a bastion of Amtgard for years.

Most of above generously provided by Luke



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Stormwall plays in Jack Brooks Park in Hitchcock, Texas (just off I45 North of Galveston).

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