Swordy Boys

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Swordy Boys are a group of stick jock mercenaries. They bring death. If you are looking to be in the business of death please contact one of the Swordy Boys and they will, ... well they'll stab you.


Late one cold canadian evening in the land of Caradoc Hold, the flurbs had yet again killed the ditch with the cry of "quest". Once more would deities visit the artic land, as this was clearly Heaven & Hell's Grand Central Station. With no place left to fight, and no one left to fight with, the three stick jocks Jimmy, Krix, and Prince formed what would be the truly LEGEN-DARY Swordy Boys whose sole purpose was to end the quest as fast as they possibly could. Their battlecry "Put a bangin donk on it" would resonate in the poor flurbs ears for days to come.

First the Swordy Boys attempted to gain the objective through the foreign concept of "roleplay." Leaving Krix to represent them, he attempted to fast talk the NPC's into spilling vital information. FInally finding the NPC who's goals matched theirs, the Swordy Boys then turned to the classic "stroke em" tactic of elimination. Thus began the carnage...

Members List


The Swordy Boys were founded mid April of 2010.

Their first major accomplishment was slaying a Great Dragon. Their rewards included: Fried Chicken, Watermelon, B*tches & Booze, EPIC music, and an epic tale written of their adventures.

They have since helped slay many dragons earning most of them the non-noble titles of "Dragonslayer".