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Amtgard Life

Realworld son of Sirrah ElSpeth and brother of Squire Cynoe.

Syntaury was born 1984 in Roswell, NM. Grew up in the game around the early 90's: Dragonspine, and mid-90's: Pegasus Valley.

During the PV time, he was old enough to start leveling in classes and began as an Assassin (it fit his diminuitive size) and later took up Scout and Warrior. Also during this time in PV, Syntaury was page to a player named Comar.

During his coming-of-age time he was able to meet many influential Amtgardians, mostly from Dragonspine, and experience the growth of the game in it's second decade as his family traveled to other groups. Eventually, ElSpeth took Goldcrest as a squire. Goldcrest then attained his Knight of the Flame and later took Syntaury as squire.

In 1998, approximately, he moved to Ohio with his family and played in fledgling group Falconridge (defunct) until his involvement tapered off around 2000. It was also during this time he attained his Master (Paragon) Warrior title.

He says: "I'm currently, thinking of joining Blackfire Pass in Columbus, OH after a long "break in service". Goldcrest graciously allowed me to retain our relationship as a squire and knight.

I hope to be of some service to the group I find myself in to further the game and culture of Amtgard. I also want to get to know my belted family. Growing up in Amtgard, there has always been those happy memories that keep drawing me back - the latest due to Alucard and Emer's posting of many old-school Amtgard photos on their Facebook pages. Hopefully this time the itch sticks."

Amtgard Bio

Syntaury is from a race of felinoids ("Harkening to my proper mundane upbringing that included the Thundercats.") that are basically Eyptian in culture (which he somehow retained though being found as an infant? Psh, logic is a crutch...). He was found in the woods one day by ElSpeth Sharrisselva who adopted him. She also found another young, bluish Elven creature, later named Cynoe, who became like his bother.

Sytnaury eventually fell in to the lifestyle of the Assassin and Scout, becoming a bounty hunter. After his paging to Comar he learned the ways of the Warrior. He has become even more distant to his rough upbringing in the underworld since being taken in by Sir Goldcrest.

He then vanished for many years and has only recently returned to a land near to where he had wandered away many years ago.

Belted Line

Squired to Sir Goldcrest; Squire to Sirrah Elspeth; Squire to Sir Alaeric.

Brothers belted or once-belted to Goldcrest: Pyro Flamespitter, Murdoc, Sir Gorin.

Mundane Life

Sam Soza currently works as a Graphic Designer, after a few years as a radio DJ.


Reynoldsburg High School (Reynoldsburg, OH), 2002

Some college from Ohio State and Phoenix University

U.S. Army

Entered as a Reservist and has since gotten to train a couple weeks in Germany and various places around the U.S.

Active Duty Service:

Basic Training, 2002

Iraq, Feb. 2003 to Mar. 2004

Iraq, Sept. 2009 to Sept. 2010