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Confirmed active via email. --Linden 22:18, 24 December 2010 (EST) Confirmed active, talked with member on Neverwinter Chat. --Linden 20:37, 4 December 2011 (EST)

2012 Audit

Attempting contact via Facebook, email, and yahoogroup. Awaiting reply.--Lumpy!! 19:03, 19 July 2012 (EDT)

Reply received from Khalirius Da'Shamonz via chapter facebook group: --Lumpy!! 20:52, 20 July 2012 (EDT)

  • Are you active? What is your average number of players locally per week?

Yes we are an active park and we average 25-40 players a week during the summer months but we only average 10-20 during the winter.

  • What days and times do you meet?

We meet on Sundays around 1 pm

  • What park do you meet in, city and state? Can you give directions or a physical address?

We meet in Valdosta, Georgia at Drexel Park by the college. The easiest way to get there from the interstate is Exit 18, turn east, Norman Drive, turn left, Baytree Road, turn right, Oak Street, turn right, turn left at the next light (don't remember the street name), the park will be on the left after the next light. We meet at the far end towards Williams Street.

  • Who is your leadership? Can we have and post their contact information?

Our leadership consists currently of Pumpkin Jack (Bruce Boulay) Monarch, Khalirius Da'Shamonz (Lee Carter) Regent, Whisper Da'Shamonz (Niki Weldon) Chancellor, Kelevra 7Shires (David Martin) Champion, and Dekker McKeagan (David Wallace) Guildmaster of Reeves. All of us are on Facebook and our contact info is posted on the ORK.

  • What is your heraldry? Do you have a jpeg or other image file we can upload to the wiki?

We do have our heraldry posted on the AmtWiki already

  • Have you taken a recent group photo of your chapter? Can we have a copy? The photo that is set as the cover photo for this page.

You are more than welcome to copy it for the AmtWiki.

  • Do you have an example of your chapter's heraldry in use, as a favor, garb, banner, or similar?

We currently have a flag that is generally posted at our park.

  • When was your chapter founded? By whom?

Our chapter was founded in Septemeber 2009 by members of the old park that existed before, Dragons' Keep. Notably, Antilles Darklund (Victor Vitone) and Sophiya (Brandi Blair)

  • Do you have traditions or games that you would say define your chapter?

Generally, we tend to have at least one persona battle or quest at least once a month. We are a very roleplay oriented group.

  • Do you have an active forum, facebook groups, or mailing list? Can you give us links?

We have an active Facebook group called Amtgard at Forsaken Hollow. We have an open policy as far as who we invite to the group and the admins for the Facebook group are the park officers other than David Wallace who is a permanent admin.

  • Have you had any news organizations do any pieces on your chapter in the last two years?

The local university, Valdosta State University, did a story on us earlier in the year. We have been looking at having other groups out as well. I have contact with the local newspaper and plan on having them out soon.

  • What have you been doing to attract new players?

We have not actively recruiting new players as of lately but our numbers are still growing as people join us after watching and learning about the game. We are going to be taking a more active role in the community later this year with us setting up a demonstration at the Georgia Pride Festival as well as participating in the local Christmas Parade. We have taken part in America's Second Harvest as well as raising money for local charities.

  • Has anything happened in the last year that you would like included in your history?

Our park had a large showing at 2012 Olympiad and a few finished in the top 5 in a couple of events.