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Good Sir, the Wandering Unicorns page appears to have fallen into disrepair--presumably due to the closure of the homepage site Nashomi was using for hosting the relevant images. Do you have any plans to revamp it, perhaps? - Miles

*Knighted by Heimdale on 4/26/86. It is unclear is this was done before or after the splitting of the belts. It was at the time contested by the circle of Knights. There is no record of it occurring in the early chronicles of the time by JW and Nashomi due to it happening only in the presence of the rest of the Wandering Unicorns.

It was later revealed that Rammock was not knighted by Heimdale. It was a fabrication. Heimdale posted an apology to Esam about the incident in April of 2012, by this time Rammock had been claiming to be a knight for at least six years. --Linden 23:44, 4 April 2012 (EDT)