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Got some confirmation on the E-sam that these guys are still around. No ORK entry though. -Kite, Dec. 25, 2010

Check out - they were a park under Goldenvale until a week ago.

  • What is your average number of players locally per week?

We have about 10 members on an average day.

  • What days and times do you meet?

We meet on Sundays at 1:00PM ans Wednesdays at 6:00PM.

  • What park do you meet in, city and state? Can you give directions or a physical address?

Sundays we meet at Mohawk Park, and Wednesdays we meet at Princess Park, in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

  • Who is your leadership? Can we have and post their contact information?

The current government is: -Sheriff- Tahama -Regent- Axle -Chancellor- Ayla -Champion- Eohnni (myself)

  • What is your heraldry? Do you have a jpeg or other image file we can upload to the wiki?


  • Have you taken a recent group photo of your chapter? Can we have a copy?

We have a regular photographer, I will ask for a group shot this Sunday.

  • Do you have an example of your chapter's heraldry in use, as a favor, garb, banner, or similar?

We have tabbards with the heraldry on them,, however we don't have pictures of them.

  • When was your chapter founded? By whom?

This group was founded in 2004 By Finola of Wolvenfang And Axle, Myself And Ray Vonwolf joined the following week.

  • Do you have traditions or games that you would say define your chapter?

Not particularly.

  • Do you have an active forum, facebook groups, or mailing list? Can you give us links?!/groups/148206435264239/

  • Have you had any news organizations do any pieces on your chapter in the last two years?

Unfortunately no.

  • What have you been doing to attract new players?

We have flyers and we try to have random ditch days around town to attract passer-bys.

  • Has anything happened in the last year that you would like included in your history?

We had a fallout of members during last year but we've been steady since this spring, were hoping to keep out number through the winter. --Linden 10:09, 11 November 2011 (EST)