Tanglewood Park

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Tanglewood Park

A Chapter of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills, located in Duncanville, TX.




Tanglewood Park was the first park of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills, located in Duncanville, Tx. Recently given the Title of "Tanglewood The Royal Preserve".

The first battle-game of the Kingdom Of The Emerald Hills was held at Lakeside Park in Duncanville, Texas on March 23rd 1988. After a great amount of sparring and a trench or two, teams were picked and the historic first battle was set in motion. The battle ended up being (for the most part )mostly Sable Pride vs. Wolfpack. Two of the first Fighting Companys of The Hills. This battle included some hard core hack and slash, heated and loud exchanges of magic, along with the sneaky attacks by those of a different view of courage. In the end, neither team could claim total victory and so the Queen declared it a draw. Afterwards, the park populace had much revelry and feasting that magically brought the two teams back together as Brothers of the New Land and the bond was forever formed.

For years this park was the home park of the Emerald Hills. In some people's opinion, all other parks were sub-standard and could only hope to come close to the ambiance of Tanglewood. The park had a nice variety of landscapes. Something for everyone. Open fields. Wooded trails. Thick mazes of overgrown wildlife that if given the chance would reach out and grab a passerby and attempt to thwart their passage through the park. Hence the name Tanglewood. The creek that ran through the park supplied the teams with natural boundries and Home Bases. Places in the park developed their own history. Swamp Island, Cutter's Wallow, The Glade, Assassin's Run, and the Ruins. All these areas and more became standard terms of locations for the parks populace. Only after years of disuse and the unchecked return of the dark races did the hard core Populace members finally decided to let the land go back to the wilds. By that time there were other options available to the growing populace of the Emerald Hills. One park was not to be enough for the ever growing and changing Kingdom. Over time, most of people who could or would claim Tanglewood as their home park had either moved away or fell into the habit of travelling to the newer parks to do battle. Now days the park is just a fond memory for the populace members who had the privilege to play in this special place. And while every now and then a Monarch will come along and decide to hold the occasional special Kingdom event at the Site that started the Emerald Hills. This park has still managed to successfully faded into the past. Gone but never forgotten. The surviving populace members of Tanglewood and true believers that still walk the Hills have never forgotten their roots. Nor should they.



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