Task O Crat

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The Task O Crat, this position is both very simple and complex at the same time. The bare bones of it is finding and documenting volunteers to help events run smoothly. But it's a little more complex.

The most important aspect of this job is a can do attitude, the ability to approach and talk to Amtgarders you may or may not know, the ability to walk for hours on end and finally the ability to give quick concise directions to people you've just met.

Preparation, this job doesn't require a ton of prep work. Things I recommend doing before the event, talk with all crats and meal leads to find out how many people they will need for each event or meal they are in charge of, Find a few people that are interested in service and want to learn the basics, also find out who the early birds are inside the group of people you already know, breakfast and early morning clean ups are the hardest to recruit for.

Prioritization and organization, You will need to know what things to prioritize, my personal priority list looks like this ; Eating area set up, meals, other set ups (court or A&S areas), battlegame setups and reeves. Food areas and Meals are most important, if food falls behind everything falls behind, battle games are lowest priority because there will usually be people on the sidelines that can be recruited to help (this does not mean to ignore them entirely they will still need bodies).

The actual job, in the past people who have been tasked with this job would just run around yelling for volunteers, this is highly ineffective, people won't pay attention to you or won't volunteer because they will have no idea what they will actually be doing. This method requires that you walk up to large group of people, a simple introduction is nice Hello my name is and I am looking for a few bodies to help with ______. When describing what you need help with, don't beat around the bush tell them exactly what they will be doing and for about how long. People will appreciate your honesty and will be more likely to volunteer in the future if you are honest about what you are getting them into. Once you have your volunteers you will want to document the following about each volunteer, Persona Name, First name (super important if they have a semi common or common persona name) Home Park and Kingdom and what they've volunteered for. I don't want to say that people just do the work for the awards, but it is very awesome to get recognized for your work. If someone says I don't do it for the awards, still log them if you can, sometimes rewards are not about the individual but about inspiring new players, if a new player sees someone do a ton of work and not get recognized it may demoralize them.

People in Polaris that have done this job extensively