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Lord Sir Telchar of House Vosseler

  • "Death Before Dishonor"
  • "I've never seen anybody work harder at events. The man is a big, gruff, walking hulk of pure give a damn. - Twitch"



When Fionna first got involved with Amtgard in the Kingdom of Goldenvale, both her mother Cordelia and father Telchar were a little skeptical, at first, but after their initial contacts with the people of Goldenvale, their fears were put to rest. In fact, Telchar came to the field to just drop Fionna off on one Saturday, and wound up staying the entire afternoon. Looking at the quality of weapons then on the field, he said, "I can do better than that." and proceeded to become one of the first merchants in Goldenvale Proper, manufacturing and even renting out weapons for Goldenvalers.

After having to relocate to Central NY a year or two later, Telchar became the first Sheriff of the-then new Shire of Haranshire, along with Cordelia and Fionna, who served as Chancellor and Regent, respectively. Telchar would continue to serve in various posts in the Shire for the next several years, keeping the group running until such time as Fionna and her contemporaries could become of age to run the Shire themselves.

Telchar was taken as a Man-at Arms by the-then King of Goldenvale, Sir Balthazar the Mad, at the first-ever Haranshire event, Moonshine. He was later squired by Sir Balthazar, then knighted by Sir Goliath. He has had the pleasure of seeing not only Dame Fionna knighted, but also his future son-in-law, Syr Sanchez, and last but not least, his wife Dame Cordelia. Not a fighter, (although he can), Telchar prefers to serve his Shire and his Kingdom, running no less than 4 Moonshines for Haranshire, and 2 Great Easterns for Goldenvale. He also continues to craft in metals, and passes along his weapon-making skills to new Amtgardians.

Notable Accomplishments

Telchar was welcomed in peerage as a Knight of the Flame by King Sir Goliath of Goldenvale, September 2007.

Belted Family

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