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Squire Telemain Bahuas of the Emerald Hills

"King's Point 2014"
Chapter King's Point
Kingdom Emerald Hills
Started 1999
Noble Title None
Belted Status Squire
Belted Under Scytale

Normal people are just the ones you don't know very well.


Telemain's Coat of Arms


Telemain first came to Amtgard when he was around 16. This would have been...1999 I think? In any case, he liked it lots and started going out to Morning Wood Glen all the damn time. Fought like a madman, which conveniently enough, he actually is. Hung with the Pride. Became an offical member of the Pride in 2002 when he was 18. Maybe? Details are Fuzzy. (Removed August 2019) He started the Greenleaf household but gave it to his brother Argyle. Then he went to Springwar and every event at Tanglewood and did lots of things in the EH and was just generally helpful despite his inclination for casual cruelty. After college he took a friggin' ridiculously long hiatus as one is wont to do. Now he's back. Back again. Telly's back. Tell a friend.

Affiliated Groups


Notable Accomplishments

Squired by Sir Scytale - March 2002

More Information

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