Temple of Dusk

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Temple of Dusk

"Path of shadows guide you." - Motto of the Temple.

”Neither the dark nor the light is chief over the other, for without one, its brother cannot exist.” - from the Philosophy of Dusk.


The Temple of Dusk is the ecclesiastic-themed roleplaying household in Winter's Edge. It plays a role in most Winter's Edge events and its activities are rarely either wholly wholesome or destructive, playing to its nature as the people in the shadows between dark and light.


The members of the Temple of Dusk fit into two categories: Brothers and Sisters, the roleplay-oriented members; and Guardians, the combat-oriented members. These Brothers, Sisters, and Guardians are given a special designation at the time they are admitted to the Temple in a "naming ceremony."

They are led by the Elder Brothers, Nevin and Tobias. While the Elder Brothers ultimately decide who is admitted into the Temple, all members are considered equal parts of the Temple, just as the sun and moon play an equal part in creating the dusk. The members below are listed by the date of their naming ceremony.

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