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Squire Tesstiment Lil' Baby Tiny Knives the Villager Pillager, Mixmaster and Lord Lannister, of Caradoc Hold, Wyvern's Spur, and Knight's Rest



Tesstiment is a legendary cryptid with epic cooking and baking skills. Though her heart long remained loyal to Caradoc Hold, she was in California for a while where she took up with the rascals in Wyvern's Spur, then eventually landed in Knight's Rest.


  • Tesstiment is known among the right circles as Lil' Baby Tiny Knives
  • Tesstiment is also known as Lord Lannister.
  • Tesstiment is a Mixmaster, both for her excellent taste in music and for her excellent improvisational baking skills.
  • Tesstiment is a Villager Pillager. She pillages villages.
  • Tesstiment has probably been playing Amtgard longer than you.
  • Tesstiment is Glyn's younger sister.
  • Tesstiment once went by the name Riley, and was called Riley before Tallow moved to Caradoc and started using the name 'Riley' as her normal name.
  • Tesstiment once paid dues with a bag of assorted coins.
  • Tesstiment is badass and will fight you.
  • Tesstiment is also a creep and will creep on you.
  • Tesstiment baked the first ever cupcakes, which were all eaten by Sassafras. She then forgot how to make them for four hundred long, cupcake-less years, until she remembered again. This cupcake-less time is known as The Great Cupcake Forgettal.
  • Tesstiment is Bowen's Biggest Fan
  • Tesstiment was the last Baron and first Duke of Knight's Rest, as she was in office when the park was promoted

Notable Accomplishments

  • Master Dragon, given by King Kenshin, June 2022
  • Awarded the Non-noble title of Mixmaster, Duke Glyn Aidan, Caradoc Hold, March 2013
  • Awarded the Non-noble title of Lord Lannister, at Moonshine: A Game of Parks, 2013
  • Twerk Team co-founder with bae-at-arms Keladry

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Tesstiment is also squired to Sir Ke$ha. Butts.

Positions Held

  • Guildmaster of Cooks, Caradoc Hold, June 2010 - December 2010
  • Guildmaster of Butts, Caradoc Hold, December 2012 - Forever
  • Guildmaster of Cooks, Caradoc Hold, December 2012 - June 2013
  • Guildmaster of Butts, Wyvern's Spur, May 2015 - Forever
  • Baron/Duke of Knight's Rest - June 2022 - December 2022
  • Regent of Tal Dagore - January 2023 - June 2023

More Information

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