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The Prestige

The Prestige logo by Sutra Bahuas

About The Prestige

The Prestige vends LARP inspired gear and accessories, presented by Sutra Bahuas and Erra of Midnight Sun (Amtgard).

The Prestige offers a variety of manufactured/handmade clothing, leather products, baubles, trinkets, LARP weapons and shields!


Originally known as Sutric Illusions, The Prestige first opened its "door" around 2002. Sutra originally started off with only a blanket and a hard carrying case that contained his small selection of handmade jewelry and incense/incense holders.

Sutra's first Emerald Hills event cameo was at their Spring Midreign event. With the onset of torrential rains, Sutra received assistance with covering his blanket based shop by Sir Galen (proprietor of the well-known "Mystic Traveler"). Sir Galen's generosity and customer service to the kingdom and populace served as the inspiring guidelines for Sutra's/The Prestige's evolution.

2011 saw the renovation of the 10' x 20' structure that housed Sir Galen's "Mystic Traveler", and into The Prestige. The structure was updated with new expanded wood/trunk sitting areas, pea gravel areas to assist with minimizing flooding at the store front, and over 200 hand-laid bricks for a walking path up to the shop door.

The Prestige continued the tradition of offering useful items such as toiletries, minor first aid items, and all around good cheer that invited socializing during hours all around the clock.

The Prestige now regularly travels to large events such as Rakis, Keep on the Borderlands, The Gathering of the Clans, and various Emerald Hills, Celestial Kingdom, and Wetlands Kingdom events.

2017 Travel Schedule

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Sir Galen and the "Mystic Traveler" - 12.17.05. Sir Galen and the "The future home of The Prestige. Sutra and The Prestige - 2009. Players enjoying the Prestige story circle fire - 2009. The Prestige under construction. The Prestige under construction. The Prestige under construction - 200+ hand-laid brick walkway. The Prestige under construction. The Prestige debuts at WBW - 2012. The Prestige debuts at WBW - 2012. The Prestige debuts at WBW - 2012. The Prestige at Mourningwood Glenn - 2014. The Prestige sign - courtesy of Mertag and Aria Talren. 16915259149_82994467e4_s.jpg