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The Seekers are a NPC Organization created by The Bitter Coast Quest Guild for use in the ongoing Bitter Coast Quest Campaign, which has been told over several reigns.

An order of Wizards, who's pursuit of knowledge and learning consumed all they did. They were organized by the Lich, Garatrix the Wise. Most of their order were killed when some type of monster broke into their headquarters, and desecrated the tomb of their beloved former leader. Those who were away at the time of the event, collecting artifacts and tomes recorded the tragedy in their records. Garatrix's journal was found amide the debris, but was written in "High Arcane" (only Master Wizards can read it), and none of the survivors had attained that sacred rank.


The Seekers were organized long ago by a powerful Wizard named Garatrix the Wise, and his apprentices. They sought learning and knowledge in all of it's forms, and Garatrix made himself into a Lich, so that he could always personally Shepard his students in knowledge.

Isolating themselves from the outside world during their studies of the past, and traveling nearly invisibly on their travels for knowledge of the present and future, they were known of by very few, and had few enemies (indeed, those who knew of the Seekers, were careful not to earn the enmity of their powerful leader).

Things went on for several centuries, and the Seekers constructed a huge tower, in which they stored their artifacts and tomes. Garatrix watched over his students, and there was peace.

Then one day a powerful entity happened upon the Seeker's tower. The Warlich of Control (who had lost his original body) began possessing the Seekers one by one, causing them to kill each other in confusion and self-defense. Garatrix had to act quickly, and used his own phylactery to seal the entity (it was the only artifact available, which was powerful enough to contain a being of that power).

Knowing that he had risked his soul, by trapping the being in the same vessel that housed his own essence, Garatrix had the order construct a large prison-tomb, where he would battle the being for eternity if need be, but if he should lose the battle, would not be able to escape.

Centuries passed, and eventually Garatrix's mind was tainted, and he became Garatrix the Insidious. Using their combined power, the prison-tomb was destroyed, and Garatrix escaped, along with his phylactery which held his master's essence (and which had become so tainted that it instantly killed anyone who touched it unless they bore the Ring of Power, which Garatrix unfortunately possessed).

All the members of the Order of The Seekers, who were in the Tower at the time that Garatrix escaped, were slain by the Lich's rage and magic. Only those who were away seeking artifacts and knowledge were spared.

When the survivors returned, they did not know what had happened, and assumed that a monster had broken into the tower, killed their brothers and sisters, and violated the holy tomb of their benefactor Garatrix the Wise.

Because of the slaughter, all of the Master Wizard Seekers were dead, and many of the tomes which were written in High Arcane (a magical language, which can only be read by Master Wizards) could not be read, which included the journal of Garatrix, which the new leader of the Tower found in his violated tomb.

The Seekers slowly rebuilt, and things began to be normal for them again. They created three powerful Golems (stone, metal, and flesh) to guard the tower in case the monster that killed their brothers and sisters ever returned. Things went on like this until the Heroes of Bitter Coast sought the Tower for answers about what had happened to Darva, their Barony, who had begun acting strange lately, and had caused the greater number of the Barony's heroes to rebel and flee.

The Seekers were not intimidated by the heroes, and did not believe their stories of Garatrix attacking them, or trying to kill their Baron. They ordered their Golems to attack, and succeeded in driving the heroes away for a time. After regrouping, the heroes destroyed the three Golems, and were attacked by the head Wizard of the Seekers, and two other Wizards.

Although they commanded powerful magic, they were eventually slain by the heroes, and the journal of Garatrix was collected.

The Seekers were not entirely destroyed by this affair however, and those who were again away during the fight between the heroes of Bitter Coast and their order began to rebuild again, assuming that the monster who had raided their tower before had returned, slain their Golems, and killed their brothers and sisters. They were; however, pleased to see that the monster had not been able to access the inside of the tower, and held that the sacrifice of their three brothers drove the monster away.

Today the Seekers carry on as they always have. A new Head Wizard has been chosen, and they continue to spend their days studying books and artifacts. While studying an ancient tome, which was found in Garatrix's tomb, a spell was discovered which allowed the Seekers to use magic to hide their tower's existence; making it invisible to both the eye, and to magical methods.

This knowledge came at precisely the right time, as the Drow Empire has occupied the region of the Seeker's Tower. The Seekers do not believe they will be detected by the Drow, and stay in their tower seeking knowledge, and rebuilding. They have temporarily suspended travel until the Drow have been driven away, lest they reveal the location of their Tower.

Until that day comes, the world may have seen the last of The Seekers.

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