The Wrong Company

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The Wrong Company

”Take what you want, give nothing back!”

The Story of TWC and Captain Lynch

The Wrong Company was at one point in time, a mischevious pirate crew, on the ship "The Grand Disaster". Led by the beloved Captain Lynch, they sailed the seas in search of adventure and treasure. They collected all they could for many years, burying most of what they found in a secret location, until one day, Captain Lynch fell ill with a strange disease. For months he became sicker and sicker, eventually unable to leave his quarters. The crew decided to find and kidnap a doctor of high standing, and force him to heal the captain, under pain of death. Months went by, and the doctor grew fond of the crew, the captain, and their incredible stories of adventure on the high seas. He decided to leave his old life, and join the ranks of The Grand Disaster.

After a year, the captain lost the last of his strength, and passed peacefully in his sleep. The crew, saddened by the death of thier captain, decided to split the remaining treasure, and go thier separate ways. Some went to the deserts in the east, looking for spice and wealth, and some left south, to the jungles, in search of adventure. Very few members of the crew remained, so they landlocked the ship, and left to find a new crew, to eventually return to the seas, and reclaim their old lives.

TWC Heraldry

Notable Accomplishments

  • Wicked Battlecry
  • We have a ship
  • We have fun