Therin Carnic

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Lord Squire Therin Carnic, of Caradoc Hold, Goldenvale


Therin, center, with Promethea and Joxar

"I would much rather be lucky than good, you see. The good can only push that skill as far as their abilities allow...however the lucky can easily overcome by mere chance. The ideal is to be both lucky and good... but if I had to chose... I would rather have a chance."

"There are two types of fights. There are the fights you win, and the fights you lose."


First time officially taking up the sword in Caradoc: June 20 2010


Born to the proud parent and former 'working girl' Molly Yenzrin and the not as enthusiastic pirate Demar Carnic, he was raised on the streets and raised in the port city of Verin. Quickly learning how difficult life on the streets can be, he did his best to help bring his keep in for his mother. His ever absent father was not a burden on his life. Much to the contrary, Therin wished all his life to be a pirate like his father, a privateer selling and trading goods while fighting off other privateers and raiding them for goods. After 8 years of always returning...the ship his father served on returned to the shore...without him. Demar Carnic had died when they were traveling through a hidden cave in a cove where treasure was found. As the closed thing to a legitimate child that Demar had, Molly inherited his share...and Therin inherited his place on the ship.

Therin spent the next 6 years working as a loblolly boy. Cleaning up vomit off of the deck, throwing sand over blood on the deck mid fights to ensure his fellow comrades would not slip during a crucial fight while working as a makeshift medic by assisting with amputations, pouring tar on wounds and cleaning up for sick sailors. Now 14, Therin had been raised a seafaring man and officially became part of the crew. He sailed the high seas with the crew for another six years before he decided to retire from the life of a privateer while he still had all of his limbs in tact. Now settling in Caradac Hold, from his first night in town he realizes that things are only going to get more interesting from here....

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Positions Held

  • Consort of Caradoc Hold, June 2011 - June 2012
  • Dragonmaster of Caradoc Hold, June 2011 - June 2012

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