Thomas Stonegate

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Man-At-Arms Thomas Stonegate of Wyvern's Landing

ThomasLexiDrawing.jpg Me, as rendered by Lexi

Biography of Chancellor Thomas Stonegate

Thomas Stonegate, formerly of Camalot, born and raised in Camalots final days, I was a common soldier who left in search of a new kingdom worth fighting for, much as Arthur's kingdom once was. After an unsuccessful search, I formed a small shire that might live by the values I was raised with, though I still wish to find a noble king I could serve and bring my Heartland with me order in to help strengthen that worthy kingdom.

Belted Family

Affiliated Groups

Notable Accomplishments

Founder of The Shire of the Heartland in Cameron, MO


Heartland chancellor/acting sheriff, April 2008 - October 2008 Heartland Chancellor, July 2007 - December 2007 sheriff of the Heartland, September 2004 - June 2007

Photos for your Viewing Pleasure

Me Looking Fine in My Armor
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Me and Torimuse

Me and Kenny

Alona Two Cats - October 2007

Cursed Prairie Midreign Photos - October 2007
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