Thorn Crossbearer

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Sir Thorn Crossbearer




The sixith Monarch of the Iron Mountains, (IM Monarchy)

Belted Familiy

Thorn has had many Squires and Grand Squires join the ranks of the peerage; His Squire Auromax Silverhawk, and his Grand Squires Talisin Silverwolf, Brennen MacGregor, and Lief McPayne and his Great Grand Squires, Sir Kezgar, Sir Sparhawk Kingfisher, and Korderellin. Through Lief and Sparhawk there is another tier to the legacy in Thorn's great great grand squires Sir Moogie, Sir Ice, and Sir Loptr (Moonbeam).

Knightly Family

Affiliated groups

Notable Accomplishments.

Sir Thorn predated the ORK.