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Thressa, of the Barony of Thor's Refuge, Westmarch

Home Park Thor's Refuge
Kingdom Dragonspine
Year Started 2010
Noble Title none
Belt Status none

  • "...Always trying to find some form of organization. Always trying to reach something better. Constantly chasing an invisible rainbow. Where am I heading? Where am I going? What am I even reaching for? Some ideal in the dark that's never been found. Some cleanliness and clarity of mind that I don't even know exists." - Thressa

  • "Sabrina, Trixie, Thressa... pick one." - Thressa

  • "Aim for the person not the sword... aim for the person not the sword..." -hits the person's sword repeatedly- "Dang it!" - Thressa


Following closely behind Leo Panthera, Thressa first learned of Amtgard and Thor's Refuge during the American River College demonstration in April 2010. A full time student working part time, she's still in the process of rearranging her schedule so that she can finally attend more Amtgard events than just Arts and Sciences night.

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