Throwing Weapons (V7)

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A Weapon (V7)

From the Rulebook (V7)

Throwing knives and axes, shuriken, etc. Thowing weapons do one point of damage to armor and may be blocked by weapons without penalty. Monks using the ablity Greater Missile Block (V7) can block throwing weapons with their hands.

Legal requirements for Throwing Weapons

This throwing knife is of the winged type and is an extremely functional weapon. It is thrown low and horizontal to the ground, spinning like a multi-armed and lethal boomerang. Throwing knives of this form are found across much of Central and Sudanic Africa and particularly along the Ubangi River, a long tributary of the Congo, where this example was collected over 100 years ago.

A blow by any part of a throwing weapon, boulder (V7) or rock (V7) counts as a hit; so all parts of these weapons need to be strike-legal (V7). The tips of all projectile weapons must not be able to fit through a 2.25 inch ring. Projectiles, with the exception of javelins (V7), may not have solid cores (V7). Materials you may use for projectile cores include foam, sweatshirt material, and other soft, non-granular and non-rigid materials. Pennies, batteries, sand, and the like may never be used as cores. Throwing weapons may not have any exposed tape, and must have a legal cover.


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