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Tiger Clan was formed in the Celestial Kingdom by TORig, Rhys, and Pandemonius. {As an aside, I am not entirely sure as to the date. The earliest mention I could find was in the first "Star" of Michael's second reign. We ran kingdom quest: the date was January 30th, 1994. - Rand} The Tigers have done an enormous amount of service for the CK, winning many flames and producing no small number of kingdom officers. That proud tradition was brought to the Iron Mountains when Michael Hammer of God moved there in 1998. In 2012 Michael rebooted Tiger Clan North in the Principality of Polaris.


Tiger Clan does not have a set-in-stone way of operating, or a specific mission, rather, the active members in the group at the time dictate the pace and direction of the company. Tigers work in unison as comrades and partners, each with an equal say in the company. The ultimate goal of Tiger Clan is to improve as people, whether in Amtgard or together as a group.

Tigers have had a strong history of teamwork and dominating in team challenges. Their unity gives them great communication and cooperation on the field.

The Tiger Clan doesn't have a captain. Instead all members are equal and company business is decided at kingdom events by a majority vote.
In those few circumstances where a captain is called for (such as a circle of steel meeting) the company sends its youngest member.


Probationary members are called Cubs. It requires anywhere from a 3/4 vote to 100% 'Yes' from current active Tigers in the group to make non-member into a Cub.


Cubs are allowed to wear colors but not to vote.

Cubs are given equal rights as members, and should be considered in equal standing to a full tiger. While they cannot vote, their voice should carry the same weight as anyone else, and their opinions valued.

Time Required

All potential members must under go a period as a cub prior to earning their chevron. In Tiger Clan North, once a cub has fought four times with each other active member, the possibility of being voted in as a full tiger opens. In other Tiger groups, the minimum amount of time for this period is three months, though depending on the candidate that may run longer.


There isn't much required of Cubs, however if they want to increase their chances of being full members, they should make it a priority to spend time with all other tigers. Spending time with your brothers and sisters, and showing a good attitude can make all the difference.

In the words of Gypsy, "Getting to know everybody? Hanging out with the group? Not being a little bitch? That's about it."

Full Membership

In order to become full members, all active tigers must vote on the cub's membership. The vote must be unanimous for it to pass.


Originally a simple headband, these days we wear a tiger print chevron on a black field. When Michael Hammer of God moved to the Iron Mountains a distinction was added to separate the two branches.

CK Tigers wear the original orange and black, while IM and Polaris Tigers wear black and white.

TigerHeraldry-1.jpg - Tigers South

Tiger_Symbol.png - Tigers North

Tiger_Shield.jpg - Tiger Shield

Battle Cry

The company as a whole favors, "We're Gr-r-reat!". While individuals tend to use "apex predator, bitch!" The first is an nod to Kellogg's Tony the Tiger. While the second is used in much the same manner as "I just killed your whole dojo".


1) Tigers who become monarchs have historically quit the company for the duration of their office. (This Tradition has not been continued in the most recent Tiger Clan North)

2) The official drink of Tiger Clan is Miller Genuine Draft though as Michael pointed out these days we can afford better.

3) Tigers are inordinately fond of Avalon Hill's version of "Civilization". Don't try to trade one of us a gold or ivory card though, we know what it really is - piracy.

4) As an historical note originally the thought was to have no more than 12 members. Obviously this particular tradition has fell by the way side as the CK and Amtgard as a whole continued to expand.

5) The Official Food of Choice of Tiger Clan North is McDonalds, on special request of Sariel

  • "Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger": As with any other company sometimes people for whatever reason decide to leave. That being said we obviously thought enough of them to make them a Tiger in the first place. Any former member who wants to rejoin is more than welcome to; they simply need to make their wishes known and attend the next company meeting.

The rule above, "Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger", has been changed to a vote in by current members.

Tiger Clan Pictures


from Left to Right,Top to bottom: Nyte, Vigus, Bromhir, Michael & Loqi at Spring War 2011

Active Tigers South

Active Tigers North

List of Tigers

For a full listing of Retired or ex-Tigers choose from the lists below.

Tigers South (Orange and Black)

Tigers North (White and Black)

Ex Tigers

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