Trevor du Nordmotte

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Lord, Squire Trevor du Nordmotte, of the Iron Mountains

”I do miss the game.”

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Joined Amtgard in the Northern Holdfast in the early 1990s. After moving from there he founded the Greenwood Keep chapter in Olympia Washington with his wife Margaret. After moving and again trying to start a new chapter for a year, he has reluctantly retired from Amtgard. Has been known to drop in and ask 'what's this game?' when he has found groups while traveling.

Is now an instructor with the Chicago Swordplay Guild. A Western Martial Arts group studying the surviving swordsmanship manuals of Fiore dei Liberi. He still wears his red belt and Iron Mountains belt favor.

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Squire to Airleas_Aidan_Aoibhell

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No longer listed in the ORK, but has access to his old paper records. Just in case...