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Jugging at Rakis '08, Pictured above (from left to right):Teflon, Flow, Slo, Gilan (just out of frame), and Markosias

The Triads

A Neverwinter based fighting company, colors are Navy and Tan with some Red. Primarily based in Falling Fire and Mystic Glade. The Triad company crest is a modified Valknot or Valknut (shown left).

Formed in 2002 when three members of the Rogue company in Neverwinter (Auwyne, Cho-Hag and Stinkfoot) decided to leave to form their own company.

Triad Website:

Triad Team from Keep on the Borderlands 2013, Pictured above (from left to right):
Front Row: Markosias, Lexi, Darko, Tankass (aka Hoshor), Ajani
Second Row:, Gunn ,Gilan, Desybal, Auwyne, Flow, Nocturne, Beefy
Triads NW Fall Midreign 2019, Pictured above (from left to right):
Left to Right: Beefy, Nocturne, Ajani, Patches, Stinkfoot, Desybal, Lexi, Shirpa "Goose", Gilan, Auwyne, Bolt cheetah, Edler Von AttA, Darko
Triads at Sir Gunn's Knighting of the Sword, Pictured above (from left to right):
Front Row: Gunn
Middle Row Left to Right: Stinkfoot, Ajani, Darko, Lexi, Edler Von AttA, LadyJae, Markosias, Gilan, Beefy
Back Row Left to Right:Patches, Goose, Flow, Chohag

Current Triad Members

Name Kingdom Joined
Sir Auwyne Falling Fire, NW Founder
Sir Stinkfoot C Falling Fire, NW Founder
Sir Cho-Hag Falling Fire, NW Founder
Sir Gilan C Mystic Glade, WE May 2002
Beefy C Mystic Glade, WE May 2002
Flow Mystic Glade, WE Oct 2004
Desybal Falling Fire, NW March 2006
Slo Falling Fire, NW Jan 2007
Sir Markosias Madoc's Keep, RW May 2007
Sir Nocturne NodRama, NW Sept 2007
Squire Lexi Mystic Glade, WE March 2008
Squire Zoltan Falling Fire, NW March 2009
Squire Tankass ?, ? March 2009
Squire Gunn Mystic Glade, WE March 2011
Sir Darko Radiant Valley, WE May 2012
Ajani Faila Ranae, WE March 2013
Shirpa "Goose" Falling Fire, NW January 2014
Patches Radiant Valley, WE Oct 2015
Bolt cheetah Falling Fire, NW Jan 2016
Edler Von AttA Falling Fire, NW Nov 2019
IEEE Port Union, CG Nov 2019
LadyJae Falling Fire, NW Oct 2021
Vender Coqui Dragon Skull Keep, CK Feb 2022