Tribal Rivals

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Tribal Rivals

Tribal Rivals is Caradoc Hold's annual summer event and coronation, and has taken place at various locations in New York State. The event seems to have found a somewhat permanent home at Letchworth State Park, just south of Rochester, NY.


Tribal Rivals was conceived during a car trip in 2005 by Molly Mallone, Glyn Aidan, and Trik Bail. Amethyst Rose helped iron out some details and composed a silly theme song, and Molly, Glyn and Amethyst went on to run the first Tribal in the summer of 2006.

Tribal is a special, themed event, with the theme changing yearly. High levels of RP are often encouraged, with past years requiring the creation of new characters if players did not already have one which fit into that year's theme. The event boasts several now-traditional battlegames of its own, as well as new themed games and a themed quest every year which often delves into mythology and folklore related to the theme.

Tribal Rivals divides all players into two teams for the weekend of the event, which are then pitched against each other in all games and quest scenarios. Some kind of trophy is usually rewarded after each game to the victor, with points totalling up towards an overall victor for the weekend.

Many years have also included a system of rewarding players with beads, for different forms of participation in games. This has culminated in an event MVP.

Previous Tribal Rivals Themes

  • Tribal Rivals I - 2006 - Generic jungle theme (Event MVP: Elm)
  • Tribal Rivals II - 2007 - Eires vs. Scots (Event MVP: Lanky)
  • Tribal Rivals III - 2008 - Samurai vs. Ninja (Event MVP: Lanky)
  • Tribal Rivals IV - 2009 - Athens vs. Sparta (Event MPV: Fitz)
  • (Due to site issues, there was no Tribal in 2010)
  • Tribal Rivals V - 2011 - Seelie vs. Unseelie (Event MVP: Lanky)
  • Tribal Rivals VI - 2012 - Undead vs. Survivors
  • Tribal Rivals VII - 2013 - Villagers vs. Bandits
  • Tribal Rivals VIII - 2014 - Alliance vs. Horde

Information for Tribal Rivals is now posted on Facebook every year.