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Sir Tuagh McTimothy, of Crimson Plains Knight of the Serpent, Rivermoor

”~~Started 50 projects... barely finished 5.~~”



Tuagh's been around awhile; you may remember him from atl-atl based shenanigans back in the early V7 days (lord knows I do), but he's recently emerged as an A&S powerhouse and technomancer supreme. When he's not revolutionizing the world with gnome-powered, glowing, color changing towers or something WITH SOUND, he's coming up with the next big idea to blow you away. Also known by his alias; Tall Gnomesky.

Interestingly enough, related to Boy Tal.

Affiliated Groups

White Lotus

Belted Family

Tuagh is belted under the lovely Dame Fionna

Notable Accomplishments

Class of #20knighteen

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