Tyrle de Felis

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Comtessa, Tyrle de Felis, of Eagleshire, Emerald Hills

”Is it wise to annoy a woman playing with sharp, pointy objects?”

Tyrle: "... Which might or might not have been followed with the comment, 'Fuck the fucking fuckers..."

Larin: "It is my firm belief that when the monarchy uses the word fuck to modify a noun, an adjective and a verb in the same sentence, that if your response doesn't also include ending up sticking your dick in something you aren't overreacting to the situation enough." - Larin on the fine art of being on the guard.


After the slaughter of her family, Tyrle de Felis was claimed as the legal ward of her family's murderer, the Baron Gilles de Rais. Some time later, she was instrumental in the capture of the Baron by forces of the Dauphin and enjoyed watching his execution, forgoing a more active role due to the recommendation of a traveler. She opened an heirloom watch to discover that a majority of the life she was living was not as she had believed,and that she was in fact never human to begin with. As a Time Lady recovering several hundred years of memories, her moods are mercurial, but she is very active in assisting those in need. She travels with an alias as the Stargazer, which is spelled out in Gallifreyan in her coat of arms. She spends her time doing some weapons training, but a significant amount of her time studying Arts frequently in the Bardic sphere of influence.

Be cautious. She is a loyal friend and a vindictive enemy. She finds maiming far more entertaining than simply killing you if you should cross her.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Monarch of Eagleshire, January - June 2016
  • BOD, March- December 2015
  • Regent of the Kingdom of the Emerald Hills, January - June 2015
  • Regent of the Barony of Mourningwood Glen, July - December 2014
  • Regent of the Barony of Mourningwood Glen, January - June 2014

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