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Lady Uchette, of Bloodstone Neverwinter

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Uchette (Dawn)started playing Amtgard in Silverwater sometime in the late 90s. At some point after that she joined a circus and traveled throughout the eastern united states. While there, she started a roaming amtgard group from circus people. We have no idea which circus or where, but it is amusing to think there might be some lost amtgard group out there somewhere roaming in eastern europe or wherever.

She settled down in Orlando and joined Bloodstone. At one event, hosted by Bloodstone, the autocrat and several of the organizers decided to quit amtgard and play Everquest instead the weekend they were hosting the event, leaving Uchette by herself as the only person on-site when visitors arrived, at least until the next day when Velfan was able to get off work to show up. She managed.

Uchette suffered from a terminal illness and passed away June 5th, 2004.

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"Uchette was a person noted for her kindness and the World of Amtgard and the World at large are diminished by our lose. She was kind, helpful and selfless. She was hard working, hard playing and committed to any task she set her mind to accomplish." Sir Bjorn

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Only picture I can find with Uchette in it. She is in black, behind the guy in yellow Pavlo crossing a small stream. This was with a group of people walking out to the site at Breakfeast 2, at Emerald Coast, and a snake had just darted across their path causing much commotion. Sarthore is the guy in the foreground.

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