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Affiliated Groups

  • Red Hand
  • House Draconis

Belted Family

  • Belted Family
  • Sir Michael Hammer of God (Crown) (Sword) (Flame) (Serpent)
  • Sir Fnord(Crown)(Sword) (Flame)
  • Sir Stoner(Flame)
  • Sir Megiddo sel Esdraelon (Crown) (Flame)
  • Sir Shady (Flame)
  • Sir Greasy (Flame)

Notable Accomplishments

  • Is Half-Giant. In Real Life. I mean, just look at how big that picture is. The guy's like, 7'12".
  • That's LORD Uncle to you.
  • Has a Squire's Belt older than Mishka_Thundervoice
  • When he introduces himself, the battlefield moves away from him.
  • Has more polearms than most players have awards.
  • Wears so much armor, and has such big weapons, that most people don't want to fight him.
  • Based on the amount of Verbals cast on him, he must have incredible stamina
  • Hates Bards. Probably because of the above note.
  • Was awarded Paragon Warrior in just under a year of playtime. Once you meet him, you'll understand why.

More Information

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