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See also Template:Upcoming Events and Older News. Another event calendar can be found at Amtgard Event Calendar.

Kingdoms and local groups are encouraged to post their upcoming events, monarch's travel schedules, and other major gatherings here. Be sure to link to any Amtwiki entries for local groups or events to assist visitors in locating your group.

Upcoming Events within the Kingdom


Burning Lands

Celestial Kingdom

Crystal Groves

Desert Winds

January 14, 2023: Kingdom game day at Iron Hold
February 18 2023: Mid Reign at Oak Hollow Elementary (outside salt lake city)
March 12, 2023, Kingdom Game day, in Missoula, MT (rust breaker event in conjunction with Skystone)
April 29,2023 : Kingdom Game day in Sun's Haven
April 30, 2023: Kingdom Game day in Terra De Votum
May 23-28 2023:End Reign at Salt Wars, The Witcher!


Emerald Hills


Golden Plains

Iron Mountains


Northern Lights

Rising Winds


Tal Dagore



The Principality of the Nine Blades

The Principality of Northreach

The Kingdom of Polaris

The Principality of StormHaven

The Kingdom of Winter's Edge

Sword Knight Boot Camp