Tobias of Heraldsbridge

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Brother Tobias of Heraldsbridge, of Faila Ranae, Winter's Edge, NW

”I earned the title of Hyper Newbie from Hell, thank you very much.”

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Brother Tobias of Heraldsbridge
Home Park Faila Ranae
Kingdom Winter's Edge, NW
Year Started 2010
Noble Title Lord
Belt Status Page to Lord Cade Moonshadow


Tobias began his Amtgard journey over a decade ago as Averin Lanstone, a wizard of mild renown in the now defunct shire of Sleeping Dragon in Knoxville, TN. After a few months, mundane concerns preempted his participation. Upon moving to Chattanooga, he was made aware of the existence of a new, growing shire called Faila Ranae and became a part of it in November 2010. Under his tenure as Chancellor, the shire was elevated to Barony status in early 2012.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Tobias is the first Page of Lord Cade Moonshadow (Man-at-Arms to Count Khazon Mandner).

Notable Accomplishments

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